Phil Mackenzie

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    Phil is an ex Canadian international and professional rugby player. He played professionally for over 10 years and upon retiring wanted to help educate and motivate individuals to adopt a more active and healthier lifestyle. Sport, exercise and food has had such a profound impact on Phil's life and the way he feels that he wholeheartedly believes that it should be a part of everyones life.

    With that in mind, life after rugby motivated Phil to found a new company called the LEANSQUAD which is geared to designing custom workout and meal plans based on the individual. EVERY individual is treated different and after just over 1 year in business, over 500 individuals have transformed their lives, health and fitness. Phil is so proud to be part of such an incredible community and look forward to motivating and impacting even more individuals! 

    The power of exercise, sport and a healthier lifestyle is endless!!!

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