KidSport Origins

The KidSport concept was initially proposed when Sport BC's Board of Directors acknowledged that rising costs of registration fees and equipment were ultimately leading to reduced participation of children in sport and recreation programs.  Recognizing the invaluable benefits of sport, the Board created KidSport as a solution to help children overcome the financial challenges facing many families.

KidSport was adopted nationally in 1993 at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF).  Today there are 11 provincial and territorial chapters and more than 175 community KidSport committees working hard to support kids across Canada. 

KidSport Ontario

In 2001, the KidSport program was launched in Ontario by Sport Alliance Ontario, a leading sport development agency in the province.  Since that time, KidSport Ontario is now operated as a program of KidSport Canada and has assisted more than 30,000 under-resourced kids play a season of sport, by providing over $5M in grants for registration and sports equipment.  KidSport Ontario currently consists of 20 volunteer community chapters who assist in providing thousands of grants to kids in need each year.