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Child poverty is on the rise making it difficult for many children to access sport. According to statistics gathered by the Victoria Foundation (Victoria’s VitalSigns a report of the Victoria Foundation) in 2005, 17.5% of the population of the Capital Regional District was 17 years of age or younger and 29.5% of families with children are single parents. It is estimated that over 12,000 children, one in five children, in Greater Victoria live on or below the poverty level. Ensuring that children have access to sport, and the values and skills that sport teaches, is more critical than ever.

The following are three thank you letters that might help define who applies for KidSport grants.

"I am a 76 year old court-ordered guardian of two children living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Because of their brain dysfunctions & co-ordination problems, it is wonderful that they can learn to swim with all the discipline, skill and sense of accomplishment that this brings. I could not have afforded these lessons without the support of KidSport."

"Thank’s KidSport and Peninsula Co-op for your support to Peninsula area kids. Because of your efforts, 125 children over the past 10 years have been able to participate in Peninsula Minor Hockey. This generosity is greatly appreciated and adds to the opportunities and dreams of children whose families would not be able to provide the chance to play hockey on their own. Without the $21,000 in grants we would have never experienced the joy that we have. On behalf of all the players, parents, coaches and volunteers of PMHA, thank you!"

"My daughter’s friend Madison has CF, diagnosed when the girls were in grade one. Her family couldn’t afford to enroll her in any activities, despite the benefit of cardio exercise for her. She is thriving now that she has lacrosse in her life. She loves to run (and is quite fast) and is grasping the concepts of the game very quickly, reveling in the friendships the team has provided her with. Her lung function has improved and is now 100%! Thank you for giving Madison the opportunity for a better life on so many levels."