St. George's Rowing - Beat the Beast

February 02 2020

Where: St. George's School Senior Campus

Approx. Schedule: 9am-2:30pm

For the rowing team at St. George's School it's all about family, community and helping. Not only focusing on our own school community but being a part of and contributing to the wider community. Teaming up with KidSport is a natural thing for us to do. Our team of 60 kids have incredible opportunities to not only participate in sport but experience a level of success, knowledge and fulfillment that many kids don't get to experience. We want to help as many local kids experience even a little of what we get to experience and our partnership will allow us to get involved and help. 

Not only do we want to help support KidSport financially, but our partnership could include opportunities for local kids to come participate in rowing, helping them develop fitness, leadership skills and contribute to a team in a way they've never experienced.

The St. George's School Rowing team is looking forward to getting more involved with our community and in helping other kids experience the awesomeness of sport that we are privileged to experience.