We think it’s safe to say that at least once in our lives, we’ve dreamed about getting some revenge on our coaches… to make them do the same drills that they make us do every week. And now's your chance!! Sign up for KidSport's #CoachtheCoach25 fundraising campaign to help us celebrate turning the BIG 2-5!!

Step 1 - Challenge your team to raise $100 (or more) for KidSport, then click HERE to create your fundraising platform. This link will collect, track donations as well as send tax receipts.

Step 2 - Once the fundraising target has been achieved, the kids get to ‘Coach the Coach’ at the end of their practice… any drills (within reason). Get the ice and Advil ready, are we right?! (And film it!!)

Step 3 - Post your video online & challenge other teams in the Community to support KidSport through ‘Coach the Coach’ using hashtags, #KidSportCoachtheCoach and #KidSport 25 and tagging local KidSport chapter. 

We’re hoping for a few laughs and minimal injury’s while we flip the script on some Coaches to make them sweat for KidSport. Check out all the Coach The Coach videos that Teams have done HERE!!


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