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How does KidSport help?

KidSport provides grants to kids from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs by subsidizing the sport registration fees.

What Communities does KidSport Edmonton service?

KidSport Edmonton serves children living within the Edmonton city limits. Live outside this area? Click here to find out more.

Who is eligible to receive a KidSport Grant?

  • Kids ages 18 and under.
  • KidSport supports programs that provide the child with a sustained sport experience led by qualified instructors. These programs have a clear start AND end date.
  • KidSport considers the social and economic barriers facing the family when determining eligibility. 
  • Families that are low income, unemployed, on AISH, currently receiving income support through provincial government are all considered eligible. KidSport uses the Federal government LICO scale (+30%) to determine financial eligibility:



LICO +30

2 persons



3 persons



4 persons



5 persons



6 persons



7+ persons



  • Grants are allocated for sport registration fees ONLY. Travel to competitions and equipment purchases are not eligible for funding.
  • A child can receive up to $250 in a calendar year (January 1 - December 31), we fund a maximum of $125 per season/session of sport. 
  • For dance programs, where a child is participating in more than one discipline of dance, a separate application for each discipline will be accepted and reviewed individually.
  • For martial arts programs (or other programs where a monthly fee is paid for 12 months of the year indefinitely) we will fund $125 twice ONLY if the application is accompanied by income document(s) AND a letter or email from the sport club stating a session start and end date. (Example - Suzy is registered for taekwondo at our club, ABC Taekwondo. Her current session began on September 1st and ends on December 23rd, 2019. Her total fees for this time period were $300.)

    How do I apply?

1.)    Register your kid in a sport - notify the sport organization that you are requesting funds from KidSport upon registration.

2.)    Click below to apply online (preferred method) or follow the remaining steps for the paper application form - please fill in all areas of the application including Child Information/Sport & Sport Club Information/Parent Information. Please sign the application. If you are having technical problems accessing your online application or account please call KidSport Alberta at 1-888-914-5437.

3.)    Please include a copy of your registration receipt or confirmation of enrolment as we cannot approve applications without this.

4.)    Include your financial documentation - we accept ONE of the following documents to reflect total household NET income: 2018 Notice of Assessment (Needed for ALL adults in home) OR Canada child Benefits Letter, tax year 2017, Page 1 & 2 OR Alberta Health Benefits Letter  OR Income support documents OR Subsidized housing Letter or Rental Agreement OR Copy of a City of Edmonton Leisure Access Pass Receipt (cards are not accepted) OR a letter of endorsement from a principal/lawyer/clergy/social worker written on letterhead and signed.

5.)   If your child requires equipment to play we will make a referral to our partners at Sport Central. Please indicate equipment needs on your application.

6.)   Email, mail or fax your completed application to KidSport Edmonton. Please submit your application to KidSport as soon as you register your child in the sport program. Applications received AFTER programs are complete are not eligible for funding.

7.)    Application is reviewed by KidSport within 30 days. Cheques for approved applications are mailed to the sport club within four weeks of the review date.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment for assistance with your KidSport Application, please note that we are not hosting any in person meetings due to COVID-19, at this time, but we're happy to chat with you over the phone at (780) 803-8765 or email

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