Grace Dafoe

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  • Canadian

  • Calgary

Born and raised in Calgary, Grace was a figure skater from as long as she can remember,  right up until she started pursuing her post secondary education in 2011. She competed up until the novice level and obtained her gold figure skating, skating skills and interpretive tests. Her best skating memories however involve the sense of community established and friendships formed through sport. 

Her time in sport led her to pursue a Degree in Health & Physical Education - Physical Literacy at Mount Royal University. Applying her lifelong experience as an athlete, she quickly became interested in long term athlete development and trying to figure out how we can help guide the next generation through the sporting system. Grace aims on developing the whole athlete and teaching them the life lessons of sport.

Personally, she made the switch to a new sport on ice when she found the new sport of skeleton in 2012, and has been representing Canada internationally since 2014. She truly feels blessed for a second shot at competitive sport, and has worked to integrate her learnings in the classroom about athlete development and physical literacy to better herself in her own sporting career. Skeleton is a sport about transferability of fundamental skills. For Grace, body awareness is the most important skill she developed as a young figure skater, and she sees the benefit each time she glides down ice tracks all over the world. 

She is consistently advocating for physical literacy through her projects and educating on the benefits of living an active lifestyle in competitive sport and afterwards. She strives to instil the inner drive of excellence into all groups she works with, ensuring that they always feel excited and motivated to take on new activities and movements, and never be afraid to try new things.