Whether participating on the playing field or watching from the sidelines, Bridget Holmen has always appreciated the power of sport.

In 2012, Holmen helped develop the KidSport chapter in Carrot River and has served as the chairperson ever since. She said it was a great way to deliver more sport opportunities to the youth in the community.

“We definitely felt that even with Carrot River being such a small community there was definitely a need and there were families that were struggling to put their kids in sport,” she said.

Holmen said that the chapter has steadily grown over the years.

One of the biggest fundraisers the Carrot River KidSport chapter puts on is a little kid versus big kid hockey game during the community’s annual family festival. The town’s minor hockey players face off against the midget league players in a fun competition. Members of the local RCMP often serve as the game’s referees.

“The event brings a lot of exposure to KidSport in the community and it raises funds for us,” Holmen said. 

Overall, Holmen said the KidSport chapter receives great support from the community. The chapter receives a lot of donations from local businesses. The Co-op has chosen KidSport as the recipient for their charitable campaign over the last few years.

Holmen feels that KidSport has been very beneficial to the residents of Carrot River.

“It has definitely allowed for a fair playing field for all kids, where they have the opportunity to participate in sport in the community,” she said. “The kids that wouldn’t normally be able to now have the chance. It lessens the burden on the family for them to participate."