It all began when Gail Drury was formerly on the Sask Sport Board of Directors. At that time, KidSport BC had made a pitch to expand the KidSport program into Saskatchewan, and Gail was asked to begin the start-up. Since the beginning, she has been dedicated to KidSport and has been volunteering for the KidSport Saskatoon chapter for 23+ years!

Sport was a large part of her children’s lives. She saw the impact it had on her own children and felt it was important to give all kids the opportunity to participate in sport.

Over the years, Gail has met and worked with numerous volunteers who all share the same belief and value of sport, and has got to know and hear from the local children that have benefited from KidSport.

Gail believes that there are many benefits to participating in sport, but what kids takeaway the most is increased self-esteem, health, and working with others.

When asked what she would say to encourage others to get involved with KidSport, her words were simple and clear: