While Carol Speidelsbach had always supported the Grenfell chapter of KidSport by attending fundraisers and lending a hand when she could, it wasn’t until 1998 that she officially became involved in the organization. At first, she was only meant to be a signatory on the organization’s cheques, but as time moved on Carol stepped up to fill other vacancies, leading her to her current role as Chair. Now, Carol’s time as Chair is coming to an end as she plans to retire from the position in July. However, Carol knows how important KidSport is to many children in the community so she plans to stay on as an ambassador.

In her 20 years with KidSport, Carol has accumulated numerous fond memories from different events. One of her most memorable is when some of the Saskatchewan Roughriders players came out to Grenfell. The players interacted with and signed memorabilia for all the kids in the area, including the Broadview football team.

The special guests and events are great, but Carol believes that KidSport provides many other benefits for children as well, including keeping fit, socializing with each other, becoming a good teammate and learning respect for coaches, officials and other players.

And when it comes to encouraging others to get involved with KidSport, Carol had this to say: