Sean Barry’s lifelong involvement in sport may have not started in Saskatchewan, but it eventually led him here, and to being a member of the KidSport Regina Committee.

Growing up in Saint John, New Brunswick, Sean took up judo at the age of five. He switched to wrestling when he got to university and later earned a spot on the Canadian Olympic wrestling team. Following university, Sean accepted a job as Saskatchewan’s provincial wrestling coach in 1980.

Sean has been a resident of Saskatchewan ever since. In the late 1990’s, Sean was recruited to join the KidSport Regina Committee by Joe Daniels and is still a valued member of the committee to this day. The opportunities afforded Sean when he moved to Saskatchewan are just some of the reasons that he continues to be involved with KidSport.

One of the things that have changed during Sean’s time with KidSport is the overall growth of the organization. When Sean first started with KidSport, they allocated about $17,000 worth of grants. Last year, that amount was closer to $380,000.

“KidSport Regina is now able to allocate that many grants due primarily to the fundraising events and the partnerships that have been created,” explains Sean. “Their main fundraising event is the KidSport Corporate Challenge which is held each year at the University of Regina. Thanks to the presenting sponsors—Great West Life, London Life and Canada Life—and all other sponsors and participating teams that help raise approximately $130,000 each year. Partnerships, such as the Regina Lawn Bowling Club, who is hosting a fundraising tournament on Saturday, August 11, are also great supporters of our cause and they use this particular event as a great fundraiser for us.”

Sean believes that kids can “learn so much through sport,” but knows that these sorts of opportunities wouldn’t be available if it weren’t for the volunteers, so he encourages others to come out and get involved.