Shelley Sargent is the Chair of Carlyle KidSport, a small chapter in Southeast Saskatchewan that has had a big impact on the communities in the area since 2003.
As a principal at the Carlyle Elementary School, Shelley sat on the committee for the Child Action Plan nearly 20 years ago and saw a need to support the families and youth of Carlyle to stay active. That’s when Shelley helped create the Carlyle KidSport chapter, and served as volunteer for many years while she worked her full-time job as principal and moving into her current role as Superintendent with South East Cornerstone Public School Division #209.

In her fifteen years with KidSport, Shelley has volunteered and helped organize many events and fundraisers, but the one that stands out most in her mind, is the local senior men’s hockey team game on November 3, 2017. At this home opener game, the Carlyle PureChem Cougars decided to share their 50/50 winnings with KidSport—which was a guaranteed prize of $10,000. However, the 50/50 winner decided to give $1,000 of her $5,000 winnings to KidSport as well, for a KidSport total of $6,000!

That was the largest, single contribution our KidSport chapter has had, and it covered all the approved applications we had this year,” Shelley proudly exclaims.

Moving forward, Shelley is continuing to look for partnerships (like the one they have with the Carlyle PureChem Cougars) with local sports teams and community partners. Shelley offered, “Being a volunteer-run committee, we don’t have the manpower to run a lot of events. The partnerships allow us to be sustainable, as we know each year that we have some secure funding for our KidSport applications.” This summer, Shelley’s goal is to partner with the Carlyle Cardinals and do another fundraiser during their large tournament, the Big Moose Tourney, held annually in the area.

When asked what she would say to others to encourage them to get involved with KidSport, Shelley responded: