The KidSport Moose Jaw Committee would like to thank the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club for their ongoing support of youth and athletics in Moose Jaw and District. This annual donation goes 100% directly (as all contributions do) to supporting the payment of kids and families in need of assistance participate in local sports programs of their choice. This contribution totals $25,000 over the past five years.

Sports program fees can be a barrier to families in need of assistance. The local KidSport Moose Jaw Committee works with local sports organizations in confidence to partially or fully assist with program fees for kids and families in need. The KidSport motto is, "So All Kids Can Play!" - the local KidSport Committee and its partners firmly believe in the value of kids' participation in sports as an option that should be available to all kids.

Thanks again to the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Club for their generosity, hard work and dedication to the kids and families of Moose Jaw! KidSport Moose Jaw looks forward to a continued partnership.

The KidSport Moose Jaw Committee is also looking to establish partnerships and donation opportunities with service clubs, organizations and businesses in Moose Jaw. 100% of funds support kids and families in Moose Jaw and district. No donation or opportunity is too small - whether it is working shoulder-to-shoulder with another organization or accepting any donation, we welcome all opportunities.

For further information on this information or partnership/donation opportunities, please contact either Cory Olafson, Vice-Chair, KidSport Moose Jaw Committee  at 306-631-889, John Eberl, Chair, KidSport Moose Jaw Committee at 306-540-4153 or Carolyn Ganes, KidSport Community Consultant at 306-975-0875.

John Bye, MJ Kinsmen Club; John Eberl, Chair, MJ KidSport Committee; Cory Olafson, Vice-Chair, MJ KidSport Committee and longtime Kinsmen Club member; Dave Stevenson, MJ Kinsmen Club.