About Kidsport Moose Jaw

KidSport is a children’s charity which assists children of families facing financial obstacles to participate in community sport programs so that all kids can play. The goal of KidSport is to provide these children with the opportunity to achieve physical, social, intellectual and moral development through participation in sport. If all children have the opportunity to play, learn self-respect, gain self-confidence, adopt active and healthy lifestyles, and realize dreams through sport, then these children may have a better chance of becoming contributing members and leaders in our communities.

KidSport Moose Jaw is administered by a hardworking group of volunteers and was established as an accredited committee in 2013.  Local KidSport Committees are accredited by the Provincial KidSport Committee to administer the program in their community. Local KidSport Committees are required to meet certain operational, record keeping and control requirements to ensure the integrity of the KidSport program. Each Local KidSport committee will carry out four main functions - fundraising, allocation of funds raised, marketing and reporting.