As co-chair of KidSport Battlefords, David Schell gets to see firsthand how the generosity of the Battlefords area affects the youth in the community.

Last year KidSport Battlefords assisted 944 children, allowing them to participate in community sports programs in the area thanks to $80,322 donated to the organization through fundraising and contributions.

“It’s a pretty staggering number when you think of it,” Schell said. "Five years ago there were less than 200 children assisted and less than $10,000 raised, so it’s a great feeling.”

KidSport Battlefords helps children of families facing financial obstacles participate in local sports and provides these youngsters with the opportunity to achieve physical, social, intellectual and moral development through sport.

“The key here is to make sure no child is left on the sidelines,” Schell added. “The lessons you learn from participating in sports are lessons you carry with you throughout your lifetime, so it’s great to be involved.”

Schell says KidSport Battlefords relies heavily on fundraising and donations in order to provide its services. The biggest fundraiser KidsSport Battlefords is involved in is Operation Red Nose, which provided Christmas revellers with a drive home after an evening of celebrating and donated all proceeds to the group.

“Getting involved in this project was a win-win for everyone,” Schell points out. “First you save lives  by making sure impaired drivers are off the street and secondly we enrich lives as the money raised helps a child participate in sports.”

Other fundraisers included a huge barbecue and lobster sale, and Schell said all three of the fundraisers are back this year.

Article from: battlefordsNOW, Roger White on April 5, 2017