Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat sports does KidSport fund?
AClick here for the eligible sports list

QWhat ages does KidSport fund?
AAges 5-18 years old.

QWhat fees are considered ineligible for funding?

KidSport does not cover the following costs:
• Travel costs
• Team fees
• Volunteer fees
• Clinics and camps
• Tournament fees

QDoes KidSport fund dance?

QWhat if I can’t find my community under “Find a Chapter”?
AApply to KidSport Saskatchewan.

QIf my application is approved, do I receive the cheque?
ANo, you will receive notification of the status of your application. The sport organization will receive a cheque with the associated fees on your behalf.

QIf I prepaid the fees to the sport organization, will KidSport reimburse me?
ANo, KidSport does not reimburse individuals. You will have to contact the sport organization in regards to returned payment.