About Kidsport Quebec

Every child should have the chance to participate in organized sport. The reality is unfortunately quite different as in certain sports, registration and equipment costs quickly put an end to the desire to train, perform and, most importantly, have fun.

Both research and scientific evidence are conclusive: sport, particularly organized sport, carries lasting benefits on physical and mental health as well as added perseverance in school.

Thanks to the program Hyundai Hockey Helpers, SPORTSQUÉBEC annually assists hundreds of athletes in Quebec to play hockey in a club recognized by the provincial federation.

    • A maximum of $300 scholarship is awarded per athlete
    • This grant is available to families in financial need
    • Athletes must be under the age of 18

We must continue to keep the notion of pleasure alive for all our young athletes, their families, and especially all those who evolve within our «national» sport system.

SPORTSQUÉBEC coordinates My First Games (Sports Intro Program), a program created to introduce youth to the pleasures of competitive sports and to put them in contact with their local clubs. Using an “open house” format, these events initiate new members to competition within a safe environment providing basic techniques, regulation and even friendly competition.