We have just recently launched a new event intended to raise money for KidSport PEI.  The event is called Cooking for KidSport and it features the five main sports franchises of PEI coming together in a friendly competition with a single goal…raising money for KidSport PEI.  The teams include the UPEI Panthers, Holland Hurricanes, Charlottetown Islanders, Island Storm and Summerside Western Capitals.  The main component of the event is a fundraising dinner to be held on Match 9th at the Culinary Institute of Canada, but there are numerous ways that funds will be raised.

Each sports team will compete in two ways.  Firstly, each team will feature three members of their organization as celebrity chefs who will compete against the other team celebrities to re-create one of the main dishes featured during the dinner!  Secondly, each team will be competing to see who can get the most pledges/donations for KidSport PEI from their fan bases.


The event itself is sold out to attend, however there is a way for the general public to assist and do their part.  People can visit www.cookingforkidsport.ca and pledge your support to KidSport on behalf of your favourite team.  Every donation counts!  Donations of $25 and higher will be provided with an official charitable tax receipt.


We can use your help with sharing the information in any way you can!


Thanks for your consideration!