About Us

KidSport™ is a grass roots Canadian non-profit organization that provides support to under-resourced children and youth 18 years of age and under across the country by removing financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.

The Crisis:

Today’s children & youth are the least healthy & least active in Canadian history! There is a direct link between childhood inactivity & barriers to organized sport.

Please help keep Ottawa's disadvantaged children & youth in organized sports by Donating Now!

Importance of Organized Sport for Children & Youth:

  • Improves Health: Physical activity optimizes growth and development, lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancers.
  • Develops Personal Traits: Self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, commitment, honesty, discipline, sacrifice and how to set and achieve goals.
  • Improves Social Skills: Children learn ways to cope with the impact that people, such as other players, coaches, and parents, have on their lives.
  • Lets Children be Children!: To have fun and to dream - no matter who they are or what their circumstance!

Because of today’s barriers (reduced school gym time & afterhours programs, increased cost in fees & equipment, sedentary life style), the "right" to play sport is becoming a "privilege". A crisis exists & the time to act is now!