KidSport would like to thank the North Bay Battalion for their support and community partnership with our 50/50 fundraiser...

and the following volunteers and businesses that assisted us in selling 50/50 tickets

                  North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit          101.9 The Fox           North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce

Individual Volunteers

Sheri Marceau - Team Lead         Ronald Scott                       Carrie Delongchamp           Carrie Smith                     Joanne Alkins

Zoe Zimbalatti -Team Lead          Jean Jamieson                    Crystal Thompson              Sandy Deschesnes           Brady Boileau

Gayle Weston - Team Lead         Krista Grozelle                     Sue Adams                         Holly Cangiano                  Vicki Tyler

Marc Carriere                               Louise Bedard                      Adam Contant                    Karen Lavictoire              

Tammy Riche                               Karin O'Reilly                       Michael Knight

Jane Maschio                               Crstal Morin                         Fran Hanover                      Katrina Neil- Organizational Volunteer

Connie Young                               Kathleen Hindle                  Louise Whalen Knight         Tracy Bethune - Organizational Volunteer

Mary Lynn Cyr                              Kayla Knight                        Lynn Larondeau                  Ginette Kyle - Organizational Volunteer

Michelle Martin                              Patti Carr                            Mitch Belanger                    Debbie Marson - Organizational Volunteer