Helping ensure that all kids can play sport

"I am writing to thank Kidsport London for the grant to my daughters Alice and Angelina. Both girls enjoy Gymnastics at Beje Gym and sport is great for their health and mind.  Kidsport London plays an important role in our society by supporting families that can’t afford funding their kids’ sports and/or activities and help to shape our kids and future citizens’ health by opening a window of opportunity for those less fortunate."  F.T.

In picture:  From left to right – Alice, 9, Angelina, 6, and neighbor, 10, enjoy Gymnastics at Beje Gym

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"My name is Althea and I am 14 years old. I have received the grant from KidSport Program. I am very thankful that you guys have accepted my grant to help towards my registrations. You guys have helped me continue to do what I love to do by accepting my grant. I would be having a hard time paying my registrations without your guys help. With this grant you guys are helping me towards the big goals I want to achieve. Without your grant help I would just be sitting around, absolutely doing nothing, and wont be playing the sport I love but you guys accepted my grant and I am very thankful because I get to continue to play the sport I love, basketball.    Thank you very much to KidSport and the program. And also, thank you for helping other kids by accepting their grant and continuing what they love to do. thank u, Althea"

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"My name is Hatem, I would like to thank you for providing me and my little brother Zaed with soccer fund.  It was a very fun session and I would really like to go next season again.  I appreciate your cooperation.  Thank you, Hatem"

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"I would like to thank KidSport to give the chance for my child to enjoy the season of summer by receiving financial support from your program. Without this grant for soccer, it will be difficult for us to pay all the registration fees.  Best regards, Maha"