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Please read all details carefully before calling the Chapter voice message system, sending questions by email or sending an application to the Chapter.

Grants are provided for economically disadvantaged children or youth 18 years of age and under using the following criteria. We do not use LICO or any other minimum income to determine eligibility. Each application is considered on the basis of need.

  • Participant must reside in Kitchener Waterloo and the program must be conducted in Kitchener Waterloo. Exceptions may be made for advanced or specialized programmes not available in Kitchener Waterloo.
  • Payments are made to a sports organization or dance organization to pay for:
    • registration fees or to a retailer to purchase equipment necessary to participate in the activity introduction to sport, instructional, recreational (i.e. ‘house league’) and competitive     programmes (i.e. ‘rep’, ‘representative’, ‘elite’) that are ‘group coached’; not individual instruction.
    • sport programs, clubs and activities of the listed sports that are current members of a recognized provincial sport organization (i.e. approved by Ontario Government) regardless of any international organization for activities such as martial arts.

See list below. dance programmes that are ‘group coached’ (not individual  instruction) per list approved by KW Chapter.  Camps, private or semi-private lessons in dance and sport, and travel are not funded.

 Maximum grant amount per child per year is $300 in no more than 2 programmes.

 Application Procedure

  •  Application must be received 30 days prior to registration for the specific dance or sport organization’s programme or it will not be accepted.
  • Child must not begin participating in the dance or sport programme before the  application for a KidSport grant is approved.
  • Application must be completed accurately and fully or it will be returned to the applicant.
  • Application must be accompanied by a Notice of Assessment (CRA) for the previous year of application or a recent pay stub or proof of social assistance/disability where applicable.
  • Grants may be provided when the Chapter deems sufficient funds are available.
  • The decision of the Chapter is final regardless if the application is late, lost, misdirected   or misplaced. There is no appeal process.

 Send the application to the Chapter by email  or by postal mail or deliver to:

KidSport Kitchener Waterloo
c/o The Family Centre
65 Hanson Ave.
Kitchener, ON N2C 2H6