We have so many awesome volunteers across Canada, and without their support, KidSport wouldn’t be possible. We are starting a new feature here on our What’s New section, that will profile an outstanding volunteer each month. We want to share more about our volunteers with our supporters, so you can meet some of the people making KidSport possible in your community.

First up is our February Volunteer of the Month: Linda Kieswetter from Waterloo, Ontario! Linda has been chosen for her dedication to KidSport as well as fundraising contributions to our recent 2015 Give the Gift of Sport fundraising campaign. Linda is also the Coordinator of Revenue Generation for the KidSport Kitchener Waterloo Chapter.

We had a chance to connect with Linda recently and asked her some questions about her KidSport experience:

Q1: Tell us about you and how you’re involved in sports?

A: My family has always been involved in sports, both my husband Tom, and me growing up, and our two kids. We were fortunate enough to be able to afford the costs of t-ball, baseball, soccer, basketball, dance and other activities for our kids. They benefited enormously from these experiences and I feel they are stronger, healthier, smarter and more successful because of their involvement. They have lifelong friendships from their sports, as do Tom and I.

Q2: How did you learn about KidSport?

A: I got a call from John Cooper in March 2013 just after I retired. He was starting at KidSport Chapter in KW and looking for volunteers and asked if my husband and I would join. He asked me to be the Fundraising Coordinator and put together a team. Tom and I agreed to join.

Q3: In your own words, describe what KidSport does?

A: We provide children and youth from low income families with the opportunity to participate in organized sport or dance. We give these children an opportunity to have a healthier life, to develop friendships and support groups, to do better academically in school, to learn discipline, hard work, team work and leadership skills. AND to have some FUN!

Q4: What is something about KidSport that you think others might not know?

A: 1 in 3 kids in Canada cannot afford the cost of organized sport. This is an appalling, sad fact.  In Waterloo Region there are about 12,000 kids from low income families who need financial help to join a team or dance activity. KidSport KW has helped over 400 of these kids to experience the joy of participating. 
Q5:Do you have a story to share from your experience with KidSport, that has inspired you to continue volunteering? 

A: Korbil began volunteering with KidSport KWthis past summer and was a huge help at our Dairy Queen Blizzard Day. His enthusiasm and high spirits made our day and they made a huge impact on the fundraising event. For Korbil, playing competitive basketball has taught him the importance of discipline and teamwork and he believes that being involved in sport allows a person to learn some of the most important life lessons. KidSport KWcouldn’t agree more and we’re proud to be able to help Korbil play basketball and have youth like him on our team!
Q6: Why should others get involved with KidSport?

A: We do good things for deserving kids and families and our communities benefit. It is a rewarding experience to be able to help children and have a positive impact on their lives through KidSport. We always need more volunteers in all Chapters, so please consider helping out your community.

Thank you Linda, for taking the extra time to share your KidSport experience. We value all the extra time you contribute to make your chapter a success. Keep it up!

If you know a KidSport volunteer that you’d like to have recognized, please email Bryan Ezako, KidSport National Manager at bezako@kidsportcanada.ca.