As part of our Give the Gift of Sport campaign, we created a brand new version of a classic Christmas song, and renamed it: 12 Days of KidSport! It’s our sporty-twist on the fun song. Debuting on December 7, for the next 12 consecutive days we are releasing a new line of the lyrics to you!

We have lined up some fun videos of our KidSport community and sport ambassadors from across Canada to help you learn the lyrics.

Stay tuned on our YouTube channelfor the video collection as it unfolds.

How can you participate?

  1. Make your own video!

    If you want to make your own video using our 12 Days of KidSport lyrics, we would LOVE to see them! You can make a video each day or pick any day you like. The full song lyrics will be shared on Day 12 (December 18, 2015). You share your video on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, just be sure to TAG @KidSport and #GiftofSport so we can find it! Why not challenge your friends and family to do the same!

  2. Follow and share 12 Days of KidSport on social media!

    You can simply follow us on Twitter (@KidSport) and Facebook for our daily updates over the next 12 days as we release the full lyrics to 12 Days of KidSport. By liking and sharing our #GiftofSport posts you’re helping us spread the word about giving the gift of sport this holiday, so more kids can play in 2015.

We appreciate everyone’s support, however you choose to participate and Give the Gift of Sport this holiday season. Thank you to ALL of our donors and supporters, we love how many people are choosing to Give the Gift of Sport this holiday already. If you haven’t made your donation yet, you can head over to our donation page here.