KidSport™ welcomes new National Partner CIBC to the family to help eliminate financial barriers to sport participation.

A new poll finds that one third of Canadian children, aged three to 17, do not participate in organized sport, a staggeringly high number at a time when sports participation is declining and the prevalence of youth obesity is alarmingly on the rise.

CIBC commissioned the poll in partnership with KidSport, to understand how important organized sport is perceived to be for kids in Canada. As part of its ongoing commitment to improve the lives of Canada’s youth, CIBC is proud to make a $1-million multi-year pledge to KidSport to help break down the financial barriers that keep kids on the sidelines.

The report finds that the two major barriers to participation are enrollment fees and equipment costs. Parents, who have kids in organized sport, spend an average of nearly $1,000 per child each year. And, 82per cent of Canadians know of a child who cannot participate in organized sport due to the cost.

Simon Whitfield, a former Pan Am, World Cup and Olympic champion and long-time KidSport Ambassador, says organized sport is becoming too expensive for parents.

“Too many parents simply can’t afford to pay for organized sport,” he says. “Yet, we all know organized sport helps keep kids active, healthy and builds self-esteem. This $1-million commitment is important and gives our kids a much-needed running start.”

KidSport is incredibly excited to have CIBC join the family as a National Partner. CIBC’s commitment to breaking down barriers to sport participation in Canada will go a long way in our efforts to ensure that all kids can play!

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