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During the COVID-19 pandemic KidSport is still accepting applications, however we will not be reviewing them.  With the uncertainty around if spring/summer leagues will be playing and how long the seasons will be, we will not be issuing cheques to sport clubs on behalf of the families until sport resumes.  We do not take this decision lightly, but do so only to reduce the administrative burden (refunds and adjustments) on volunteers across the sport system.  As soon as sport resumes we will immediately forward cheques to sport clubs on the child's behalf so that they can begin playing.  In the meantime, we encourage all Manitoban children to find ways to keep working on your sport skills and physical fitness at home so that you will be ready to hit the playing field when sport returns.

Please note we are not accepting visitors in our Provincial Office at this time. If you need assistance, email us at

KidSport Manitoba raises funds through corporate donations, foundation grants, planned giving, and special events. Funds raised help offset the cost of participant registration fees for community based sport programs. Funding is administered by Sport Manitoba's Offices. 

KidSport Manitoba is limited by the funds we are able to raise, therefore we want to ensure we assist those most in need. Applications are accepted for children 18 and under, who are lacking the financial resources to participate in sport. Based on demonstrated need, the assistance of up to $300 per individual is available to children ages 18 and under to help offset the cost of registration fees. Clubs eligible for Kidsport funding must be active members of their Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO). If you are not sure if the club you want to apply for is a member of thier respective PSO, we recommend contacting them to find out. You can find a list of all the Provincial Sport Organizations on the Sport Manitoba website here.

Grants provide financial support for:

  • community programs and/or
  • registration or membership fees

Grants from KidSport Manitoba do not cover:

  • Equipment fees
  • Camps
  • Travel
  • Championships
  • Uniforms

Please note that KidSport Manitoba does not distribute equipment within our program, nor does the program accept equipment donations.

In Winnipeg, house league hockey (Timbits – A1, A2, A3) is not funded through KidSport. Those looking for funding for these leagues can apply through the General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres (GCWCC) by clicking here. Those looking for funding assistance at the AA or AAA levels are eligible for KidSport support. Please click below to apply. 

KidSport uses the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-off guidelines as a tool to determine which families are eligible for assistance. Exceptions may occur for unique circumstances, but in most cases applications will not be considered if your household gross income is higher than shown in the chart below.

Low-Income Cut-off Guidelines

Family Size          Maximum Household Gross Income
2                         $32,665
3                         $40,158
4                         $48,756
5                         $55,299
6                         $62,367
7                         $69,438

+ 6,893 for each additional person

Application deadlines

The application deadline for all regions is the 15th - or the last working day prior to the 15th of every month by 4:30 pm . Applications must be complete, including all required financial information to be considered for funding.

Incomplete applications will be considered at the next intake, if the application is carried over one month and is still not complete by the next deadline, it will get declined.

Please see the below application deadline dates for 2020:

January 15th             July 15th

February 14th           August 14

March 13th*               September 15th

April 15th*                  October 15th

May 15th                   November 13th

June 15th                 December 15th

* Please see note at the top of the page

Apply Online

Applications not submitted within four months of being created will be deleted from our online system and will not be considered for funding.

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