“I am grateful for Hyundai Hockey Helpers, KidSport, and Dream Brokers for all the support they have offered me through their grant programs.  Without that funding, I would have not had the opportunities to play hockey at this level, I would have never been able to travel and meet the mentors that I have up to this point.  I believe I would have been unable to participate, I would have not learned to focus and understand the purpose of hard work.  The grants and support from your organization has made it possible to stay in the game and grow. I’m not sure what I would have done with all my time had I not been supported in my sports.  Thank you, I appreciate the efforts that the people have made when working with my mother to apply and receive the funding.  I look forward to one day contributing back into Hyundai Hockey Helpers, KidSport, and Dream Brokers organizations.”

- A.M, KidSport grant recipient from Regina, Saskatchewan

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