Kidsport Vancouver would like to extend its thanks and gratitude to Every Man Jack, TaG Cycling, Brite Coaching, Velofix, Triathlon BC, Vital Supply, Herschel and all the donors and riders for supporting and raising $8,280 for Kidsport Vancouver. Special thanks to David Gerth, Leslie Tomlinson, Christine Fletcher and Stephen Marshall of Every Man Jack Triathlon Team in donating their time and resources in making this Ride For A Child event happen. We rode so kids can participate in sports! Because of your efforts, 30 kids will now enjoy the benefits of organized sport. Amazing result!

About KidSport

KidSport™ was established by Sport BC in 1993 and is a community based sport charity. Since its inception in British Columbia, KidSport™ has grown to include national and provincial/territorial chapters operating across Canada. There are now more than 180 local community chapters that have raised in excess of $5 million dollars and provided a season of sport to more than 45,000 Canadian children in 65 different sports.

The KidSport Vancouver chapter was formed in 2009. Through a confidential application process, the chapter provides financial support for children aged 5 to 18 by paying registration fees directly to sport associations on the applicant’s behalf. Since 2009, over $800,000 fund have been raised, supporting over 3,000 kids.

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Neil Smith

Chairperson, KidSport Vancouver

778-990- 4469