Emily Brydon

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    Emily Brydon, born in 1980 in Fernie, BC is a veteran on the Canadian alpine ski team, competing on the World Cup circuit for nearly ten years. She has nine World Cup Podiums, nine Canadian championship titles and competed in her third Olympics at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. Emily will now join a dozen Olympians as ambassadors to KidSport.

    "KidSport gave me the opportunity to continue to strive for success in the ski world," said Brydon, who grew up in BC's Kootenay region.  "It allowed me to help my parents pay for the cost of sport and playing, and in turn is an important factor for being where I am today."

    "KidSport is incredibly important to the development of athletes and kids who are involved with sport at any level.  Not only is the funding crucial to offset the rising costs of sports but also it inspires kids to do and be more.  When you are rewarded for your success it solidifies your own belief in your dreams and goals," she added.

    As well as being an advocate for KidSport, she began the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation to provide financial help to the youth in the Elk Valley to pursue sports, the arts or other interests. Emily’s story can be found at her website at www.emilybrydon.com