Beckett celebrated his sixth birthday by inviting his friends to a party. His friends were told that if they wanted, instead of gifts they could bring $4 and then Beckett would use half of the money to buy himself something and half would be donated. His Star Wars-themed party was a hit; he and his friends had a great time! Many of his friends brought $4, some even more, and some brought gifts. Since he received several gifts that he loved, Beckett’s mom suggested that he donate all of the money he received, and Beckett agreed. Beckett is a sport enthusiast – he loves watching sports live and on TV, plays organized sport (soccer, baseball, and hockey, depending on the season), and can often be found shooting hoops in the cul-de-sac where he lives. So when the idea of donating all of the money to KidSport was presented, Beckett thought it was a great idea. His parents topped up what he received and made a donation of $100 to the Surrey / White Rock chapter. Beckett is excited that thanks to his friends he is helping other kids who live in his community have the opportunity to play sports, like he does.