Local Sports We Support

Local Organizations We Support

We support the registration fees of children and youth living in Squamish, up to $300 for a season of sport with an organization affiliated with Sport BC. Local organizations include:

  • Squamish Youth Soccer
  • Howe Sound Minor Ball
  • Squamish Minor Hockey Associations
  • Squamish Skating Club
  • SwimFaster
  • Sea to Sky Nordics
  • Squamish Martial Arts
  • Squamish Squash Club
  • Howe Sound Curling Club
  • Squamish Gymnastics
  • Squamish Therapeutic Horse Riding
  • Special Olympics
  • Ground Up Climbing
  • BC School Sports

Squamish residents may also be eligible for funding to support progams available outside of Squamish, for example, in Whistler or on the North Shore. Families living outside of Squamish should apply through their local chapter, or the provincial office.

If you have any questions, email us at squamish@kidsportcanada.ca