A HUGE Shout-Out and Thank You!, to Erin Lewis and Damian Pearson!

Erin and Damian, along with their partners, Jared Jamieson and Genevieve Blondin, and with support from their family and friends, organized the “Homerun Vancouver 2019” softball tournament.  The 3rd edition of the tournament was played in June with support from the Meraloma Athletic Club at Connaught Park in Vancouver and raise funds they did!

Erin and Damian on behalf of all those that contributed to this year’s event, including their valued primary sponsor Olympic Industries, donated $2,486.75 – so North Shore kids facing financial hardship, are able to receive grants to play a season of their sport.

Thank you Erin and Damian, for continuing your softball fundraiser - So All Kids Can Play!

The cost of registration fees continues to be a barrier for some children to play an organized sport.  The funds that Erin and Damian have raised will help North Shore kids play their sport.

Playing sports promotes positive attitudes, a sense of commitment and responsibility, teamwork, and friendships are formed.  These learnings can all start by playing sports.        

If you have a group of friends and colleagues that could also raise funds to support North Shore children to play a season of sport – please contact us!

   Pictured:  Erin Lewis, Damian Pearson and Shannon Webster