Apply for Assistance

KidSport™ grants are available for children 18 years and under who are in financial need to pay registration fees for the sport of their choice.

If you are unable to print the application form you can contact us and we will mail or fax you the form.


Can more than one child from a family receive a KidSport™ grant?

How often can a child be funded?
Once per calendar year. In the next calendar year a child can be funded for the sport again, or for a different sport.

If I apply for funding, how soon will I be notified?
Approximately one month from receipt of the application, however most sports will allow your child to start play at the beginning of the season should you advise them that you have submitted your application to KidSport™. Incomplete forms could result in a major delay. Please read the instructions carefully.

Sports that are governed by a provincial sports organization qualify.
To be eligible for funding the sport organization that the child is applying for must be a member of one of the Provincial Sport Organizations listed here.


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