FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Is KidSport a registered charity and can I get a tax receipt for my donation?

  • Yes KidSport Kelowna is a registered charity. It is a chapter of KidSport Canada.
  • KidSport Canada is a registered charity with CRA.
  • Registered Charity Number: # 86212 5986 RR0003

I have received funding in the past am I eligible this year?

Yes you are, thanks to the generosity of our community we are able to fund all kids that qualify including those who have had grants in past years.

Who can be the financial verification endorser?

The Endorser is the most important step in the KidSport™ application process. This individual verifies that without KidSport assistance, the child would not be able to participate in the season of sport. The Endorser acts as an objective third party who is familiar with the athlete’s family and is in a professional position to assess the social and economic barriers facing the family.

  • An Endorser can be a professional in social work or family services, a school principal or counsellor, a senior recreation administrator, accountant, law enforcement officer, a registered physician, or a priest or pastor
  • Endorsers, other than those listed, may be considered if a written letter from the potential Endorser outlining the financial need of the family is included with the application
  • Endorsers cannot be associated with the sport organization and they cannot be a family member
  • For school sports, school principals or counsellors are not accepted as Endorsers

What expenses are eligible for funding?

Registration fees for a season of sport that is a minimum of 8 weeks in length in a sport that has a recognized provincial or national sport governing body, up to $200.

The local club at which the child will participate has to be a member in good standing with their provincial or national sport organization.  This requirement is a safeguard that ensures that liability insurance is provided to participants and that qualified coaches are leading the activity.

Camps, travel, uniforms, and fund raising fees are not eligible – just the portion of the fee that is for registration

What about equipment?

KidSport™ does not cover the costs of equipment. There other organizations that equipment may be available through for example Canadian Tire Jumpstart.

Which sports qualify?

To be eligible for KidSport funding the sport organization that the child participates in must be a member of Sport BC's Provincial Sport Organizations. Sports that are governed by a provincial sport organization qualify including: Adaptive Snow Sports, Alpine Skiing, Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Ball Hockey, Basketball, Blind Sports BC, Bowling, Boxing, Canoe / Kayaking, Cheerleading, Climbing, Curling, Cycling, Deaf Sports, Diving, BC Diving, Fencing, Field Hockey, Figure Skating, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Horse Council, Judo, Jump Rope, Karate, Lacrosse, Lawn Bowling, Orienteering, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Ringette, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Soccer, School Sports, Softball, Special Olympics, Speed Skating, Squash, Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Taekwondo, Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate, Volleyball, Water Polo, Wheelchair Sports, and Wrestling.

Click on this link for a list of all qualifying sports http://www.kidsportcanada.ca/british-columbia/about-kidsport-british-columbia/supported-provincial-sport-organizations/

Can more than one child from a family receive a KidSport™ grant?


How often can a child be funded?

A child can be funded one time per year for a sport season of their choice, but the maximum amount per calendar year is $200.

If I apply for funding, how soon will I be notified?

Within six weeks of receipt of the application, however most sports will allow your child to start play at the beginning of the season should you advise them that you have submitted your application to KidSport™.

Volunteering. I would like to help, do you need volunteers?

Yes we do! Most of our volunteer opportunities are event specific. Go to the Get Involved page.

Donations. I would like to make a donation, how do I do so and can I get a tax receipt?

That would be awesome! You can donate by mailing a cheque to our address. Tax receipts are provided for donations over $25. To get a tax receipt make your cheque payable to KidSport Canada™. In the notes portion of the cheque please write KidSport Kelowna. For more donation information go to the Donate page.

How can my company, organization, or group become involved?

There are a wide variety of ways for your group to become involved in KidSport™. You can sponsor an event, make a donation, or make KidSport™ the "Charity of Choice" for your group's event. For more information please email us at kelowna@kidsportcanada.ca

Does KidSport™ receive government funding?

The Province of British Columbia has been a major funder of KidSport BC since 2010 providing KidSport with the support we need to get more kids off the sideline and into the game. Our shared values of removing barriers for families so that ALL kids will have the opportunity to experience a season of sport have built a strong partnership.

What determines my eligibility to be assisted?

The number of people in your household and the annual net income from the previous year’s income tax return is the information required within our application form. Our grant funding priority is to assist lower income families.

The income levels on which we base our funding decisions are consistent with Canada Revenue Agency ranges for low income thresholds. 

Are mixed martial arts programs included among eligible sports?

Only if they are a member in good standing with one of the Provincial Sport Organizations i.e. Judo BC, Karate BC and WTF BC TaeKwondo Federation. You can phone the club and ask them this question; there is a space on the grant application form in which this information is requested.

Is school sport eligible for funding?

Yes, school sport is eligible as long as they are members of BC School Sports or their relevant Provincial Sport Organization. However, the eligibility for the grant funding is still determined by the income level of the parent, and the same rules apply around what costs are eligible for coverage (i.e. not uniforms, travel, or fund raising related fees).

For other questions you can email us at kelowna@kidsportcanada.ca