FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Grant Applications can be found on our website under the “APPLY FOR ASSISTANCE” button. Page 1 of that Application explains the application and required documents. We ask for a cover letter from you to explain the situation and the need so we can properly assess the application. All information is confidential.

Why do I need a cover letter?

We understand that not everyone's financial situation is the same so the cover letter provides our board with a clear understanding of the need for a grant. The more detailed they are the better. 

What age of child can be considered for a Grant?

Children 18 years and under are eligible to apply for a Grant

When will my application be reviewed and how long will it take for the approval?

Applications are reviewed at our monthly board meetings so typically you will hear in less than 35 days. You will be contacted once  a decision has been made. Click on our Calendar page to find out when our next board meeting is scheduled.

What Sports can we apply for?

We do our best not to limit the Sport but define it as “A season of sustained sport experience led by a qualified coach”. The organization should be affiliated with a Provincial sport organization and must be licensed and insured. Please email us if you have questions about other sports.

How much is the Grant and what can I use it for?

Effective January 1, 2019 the grant per child per year is a maximum of $550 and will cover registration fees and in some cases equipment.  The grant cannot be used for camps, lessons, travel costs or fundraising.

Can the child play more than one sport in a year?

Yes. The child can play more than one sport in a calendar year as long as they do not exceed the $550 maximum.