Apply for a Grant

Who is eligible for a KidSport grant?

KidSport™ grants are available for children between the ages of 5 and 18 years who are in financial need to pay registration fees for the sport of their choice.

What sports qualify for a KidSport grant?

To be eligible for KidSport funding the sport organization that the child participates in must be a member of Sport BC's through one of the below Provincial Sport Organizations. See below for a list and links to all the organizations.

Adaptive Snow Sports
BC Adaptive Snow Sports

Alpine Skiing
BC Alpine Ski Association

British Columbia Archery Association

British Columbia Amateur Athletics Association

Badminton BC

Ball Hockey
BC Ball Hockey Association

BC Amateur Baseball Association

Basketball BC

Blind Sports
BC Blind Sports & Recreation Association

Bowling Proprietors’ Association of BC

Boxing BC

Canoe / Kayaking
Canoe Kayak BC

BC Cheerleading Association

Curl BC

Cycling BC

Deaf Sports
British Columbia Deaf Sports Federation

BC Diving

BC Fencing Association

Field Hockey
Field Hockey BC

Figure Skating
Skate Canada – BC/YT Section

British Columbia Provincial Football Association

British Columbia Golf

Gymnastics BC

British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association

Horse Council
Horse Council of BC

Judo BC

Karate BC

British Columbia Lacrosse Association

Lawn Bowling
Bowls BC

Orienteering Association of British Columbia

Rhythmic Gymnastics
BC Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation

British Columbia Ringette Association

Rowing BC

British Columbia Rugby Union

British Columbia Sailing Association

British Columbia Soccer Association

British Columbia Amateur Softball Association

Special Olympics
Special Olympics BC

Speed Skating
British Columbia Speed Skating Association

Squash BC

Swim BC

Synchronized Swimming
Synchronized Swimming Association British Columbia

WTF British Columbia Taekwondo Federation

Tennis BC

Triathlon British Columbia

British Columbia Ultimate Society

Volleyball BC

Water Polo
BC Water Polo Association

Wheelchair Sports
BC Wheelchair Sports Association

British Columbia Wrestling Association


How much are KidSport grants?

KidSport Greater Victoria has recently implemented a policy change that now allows multiple grant applications per child (5 to 18 years) per year to a maximum of $400 annually.

How do I apply for sport grants?

We are a volunteer organization with limited resources. One of the ways you can help us is to apply for a grant on line using the link below.

We encourage you to review the full guidelines for grants that you can download from the link at the bottom of this page.

Important! Here is the information you will need to assemble prior to filling in your online application:

  • Full names and addresses, phone number for the child and the Adult Sponsor.
  • Name of the Sports Club, it’s address including phone number, email and the Registrar contact name at the Sports Club. Starting and end dates the sports season runs from. The full cost of sport registration.
  • Name of Provincial Sports Organization the Club is a member of.
  • Your annual family income.
  • Full name, occupation and email address for the Adjudicator (the third person who is confirming the information in the application) please double check the email address of the Adjudicator.

Should you not be able to complete the entire form in one session, the system will save the document for you.

Click here to start online registration.

If possible we encourage you to use online registration as it will result in quicker receipt of the application and ensures all fields are complete, enabling us to process the application more easily. After you have filled in the form and hit the Submit button, you will receive an email displaying the information you have provided. This can be printed out for your records or, if requested by your sport organization, confirmation to them of your application for a KidSport grant. Should you not be able to use the online registration form you can download the form by clicking below.

This completed form, once signed by the Adjudicator can then either be mailed to the address set out on the bottom of page 2 of the form or scanned and emailed to

Should you not be able to complete either the online version or download the form you can contact us at or 250.380.1518  and we will send you the form.

Click below for a PDF of the KidSport application. 

Please check back in March 2018 for details related to our Spring Active Girls Grants.