Active Girls

About “Proud to Play like a Girl” and “Performance Development” Grants

The KidSport Victoria Active Girls Committee was established to address gender equity in supporting children to participate in sport and physical activity opportunities. Our work includes raising funds to increase the number of girls participating in sport and physical activity by offering grants to encourage and facilitate their involvement in both organized sports and recreational physical activity. Our goal is to create equitable distribution of KidSport funds reaching girls and boys, and to increase the profile of gender equity in sport and physical activity.

Guidelines and Criteria

• Females aged 10-18 years living in the Capital Regional District are eligible for the awards inclusive of able-bodied, para and special athletes.
• The $250 award supports girls in the early stages of participation in a sport OR a physical activity pursuit (e.g., dance, yoga).
• The $500 award is intended for girls who are pursuing ongoing (at least 3+ years consecutive years) and high-level performance development (3 x/week or more) in sport OR a physical activity pursuit (e.g., dance, yoga).
• Grant monies should be spent to help cover costs related to attend a training clinic, camp or other form of athletic training, as well as travel, equipment, coaching fees, or program registration fees.
• In the application, nominees must demonstrate a sustained sport or physical activity experience (e.g., at least one year led by a qualified coach or instructor).
• Priority is given to applicants who demonstrate the financial need and/or who require support to address other barriers to their participation. We will also consider an applicant’s experience with leadership, teamwork and fair play. When we have more applications than funds, we will give priority to those who have not received previous Active Girls grants.  
• Award cheque will be payable to the recipient’s parent or guardian.

To apply online for "Proud to Play like a Girl” and “Performance Development” grants please click the following link:

The $1,000 Play it Forward organization grant is intended to assist schools, public and not-for-profit community recreation centres/associations in the Capital Regional District with their girls-only programming or to expand existing programs to reach more young girls in physical activity and sports.

To access the Play it Forward grant (for organizations/clubs), please click the blue “Apply for Assistance” button at top of this page, then scroll to the bottom to download “Play it Forward 2019.pdf

2019 Fall Active Girls applications are now being accepted.  Please submit your completed application prior to end of day on Tuesday, October 8 2019.