KidSport Greater Vernon

Greater Vernon KidSport identifies needs in the community, raises funds, and supports programs that create new opportunities for young people to participate in sport.

In 2001 the Greater Vernon KidSport Fund was established, and started raising funds and distributing money for children in need in the Greater Vernon area.

The focus of Greater Vernon KidSport is on the economic, social and educational needs of the community. We believe that young people can learn more than athletic skills from sport. Sport provides a lifelong opportunity for self-expression and self-discovery. Sport’s challenges can teach children the value of leadership, desire, planning, practice, hard work, honesty, sacrifice, dedication, positive thinking and self-confidence. KidSport helps provide children between the ages of six and eighteen, access to sport opportunities and experiences in both team and individual sports.

Social and economic obstacles can prevent some young people from participating in organized sport. Our KidSport Program has been created to help overcome these obstacles. We believe that the primary goal of all children’s sport programming is for each child to have fun and to want to play again next season. Children should feel there will always be a place for sport in their lives and that sport will always have a place for them.