Apparently Bruce and Andrew eat too much fried food at their pub!!!

They have been challenged by one of their regulars, who shall not be named, (Nenagh) to participate in the Kickboxing Duncan, 6 week fitness challenge....not only to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle, but also to raise funds for KidSport Cowichan in the process.

Thy've decided to embrace this, and not only challenge themselves, but also have some fun with it thy've dubbed it "Battle in the Bay" Team Andrew vs Team Bruce.

If you'd like to help us raise funds for KidSport Cowichan, you can pledge per lb lost, or total amount...sheets are available at the pub, or you can contact us via email to pledge.


Or choose a team and donate to show your support! Whether it's Andrew, or it's Bruce, someone will win!

Donate to #TeamAndrew

Donate to #TeamBruce

Whoever sponsors the winning team in this challenge, will receive a Lion Rampant gift card equaling 50% of your pledge