Stand Up For KidSport

July 20 2019


Saturday, July 20th Kristin Postill and Brittney Page (and all the paddle board enthusiasts they can round up!) will paddle the length of Kalamalka Lake to raise money for the Okanagan KidSport chapters. At approximately 16km, the paddle will start at Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama and end at Kal Beach in Coldstream.

As retired professional athletes Brittney and Kristin both understand the impact participating in organized sport had on them as kids and truly believe in KidSport’s mission.

“KidSport believes no child should be left on the sidelines and we couldn’t agree more.” explains Brittney when asked why they are supporting the organization. “Sport was an invaluable part of both my and Kristin’s development that propelled us into very successful careers, and I can 100% say both she and I wouldn’t be where we are today without participating in sport as kids.”

Brittney and Kristin have set a lofty goal of raising $25,000 in just one month. Help them reach their goal by pledging your support or join them in the paddle on July 20th.

You can participate in the Stand Up for KidSport challenge in three ways:

  1. Donate to the cause, help them reach their goal!
  2. Join the Stand Up for KidSport Paddle Team - Brittney and Kristin are challenging each paddler to raise $100 towards the goal
  3. Offer a corporate match to make everyone's donations double!

*If you'd like to paddle or offer a corporate match please contact Kristin directly at for more information.