Apply for Assistance

KidSport has made some changes to our application process! 

Before you start: 

- Ensure you know what Sport Organization your child will join, the specific length of season, and the exact registration fee associated with the season (remember that we cover registration fees, NOT funding related to equipment, volunteering, fundraising or travel).

- Choose your correct chapter! Don't see your community listed? Apply to the PROVINCIAL OFFICE BC.

Note that your most recent Notice of Assessment MUST be attached to your application form.  We cannot process your electronic application without proof of income.

1) Apply Online:

To apply online, please click the Apply Online button below, to be directed to our new Online Application Platform.  You will be required to set up a profile using your email address. Once you have registered your email, a verification message will be sent to your account, and will include your temporary password. You can change your password when you login for the first time.

When you start your new application, please click to view Chapter by List and choose your KidSport Chapter. If you don't see your community, choose PROVINCIAL OFFICE BC from the list of community chapters.

Your application can be saved at any time while you are filling it out. If you don't have all of the information requested you can save your application and continue to fill it out at a later day. Once you have completed all of the required fields you can submit your application.

Please note, the online application requires financial information / verification. Please have electronic copies (or photos) of your most recent Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Notice of Assessment ready to upload.

We generally accept applications for children 18 years and younger who are participating at an eligible sport organization (must be a member in good standing of their relevant Provincial Sport Organization), and who meet our income eligibility guidelines, as below.

Income Guidelines

# People in Household234567
Combined Income$31,611$38,715$46,362$52,583$59,304$66,027


2) Apply using a Paper Form:

If you do not have access to your financial information or wish to submit a paper application form, please download and complete our paper application below. You will require a Financial Endorser to verify that without KidSport assistance, your child(ren) will not be able to participate in a season of sport. Please refer to the application form for details on who can be an Endorser. Once the application form is completed, please send it to KidSport as instructed by your chapter.  

Steps to apply for KidSport funding

  1. Get the right application form - from the list below, find the KidSport chapter that corresponds with the city that you live in, and download the application. Don't see your community? Apply to the PROVINCIAL OFFICE BC.
  2. Read over the guidelines page - each chapter has guidelines specific to your community, please read over the guidelines and ensure that you and the sport organization you are applying for are eligible for KidSport funding
  3. Complete application - print application form and fill out each section on the form. the Adult Sponsor (parent or guardian) is responsible for filling out the application and keeping a copy for their records
  4. Send application to your KidSport chapter - contact information for your chapter can be found at the bottom of your application form. Please send your application via the methods listed (i.e. if there is no email address, application must be mailed or faxed)
  5. Please allow a minimum of 60 days before funds are sent - of course if you have questions before then, feel free to reach out to your KidSport chapter.

To view a list of Sport BC member sports, please click here.

KidSport Community Chapters

 If you do not live in one of the below communities please use the provincial application form.