Kidsport Woodbuffalo’s newsletter!

Kidsport Wood Buffalo is entering an exciting time of growth, in 2017 Kidsport was able to hire its first employee. This has allowed Kidsport to reach out to new sources of funding and fund additional children to play the organized sport of their choosing. In fact we have already significant growth in 2017 vs our 2016 numbers and we are projecting 2018 to be even bigger! Our goal for 2018 is to reach 400 kids in Wood Buffalo with a special emphasis on rural and aboriginal communities!

“So all kids can play!”

Kicking off our community ambassador program

One of our key initiatives in 2018 is rolling out our community ambassador program. I am excited to annouce our first community ambassador is Country 93.3’s Brad Karp! Brad has already set the bar high by pledging to raise $10,000 in addition to helping us spread the word to families that may not have heard of the services kidsport provides! Also we are pleased to announce Dylan Elias of Northern Elite Football and Amazing Race Canada has also joined as a communcity ambassador! Please get in contact with our chapter coordinator if you would like to be part of this initiative!