It's Goals for Kids season again! Oil Barons score a goal at home, local kids win. Here's your chance to make each goal count even more. Pledge your support for every goal, and let's see how much we can raise for KidSport. So ALL Kids Can Play.

KidSport Wood Buffalo has teamed up with the Fort McMurray Oil Barons to present the "Goals for KidSport" campaign during the 2019-20 Oil Barons' season. You can help raise money for KidSport Wood Buffalo, so no kids are left on the sidelines, by pledging to donate a minimum of $1 per goal this season.  Pledge a donation amount per goal and predict how many goals will Oil Barons score this season. Last year, they scored 200. 

The Oil Barons website can be viewed here.

50% of your pledge will be deposited upfront at the time of collecting the pledge and another 50% will be collected at the end of the season during summer 2020. 

Ready to donate NOW.