Enter your team to win up to 126 packs of beer

Starting June 12/2019 individual names will be eliminated...BUT if even 1 member of your team is still in the draw then your team is safe. Once all 6 names have been drawn from your team, your
team is eliminated.

Final Draw takes place on June 14th/2019.

You can join as many teams as you would like for $40 per entry.

The more teams you are on the better your odds of being the Last Survivor.

Individual applications will be accepted, and we will arrange teams.


What You Get:

(1st Team Eliminated) 6 packs
4th prize – 12 packs
3rd Prize – 24 packs
2nd Prize – 72 packs

Last Surviving Team – 126 packs For Your TEAM!!!
*Combination of domestic, craft, imported beer and coolers
(Prize structure based on all 40 teams being filled)


Form Pick up and Drop off
Liquor Den
Country 106.5
Ziegler’s Fashions/Quilt Rack


Contact us for a form:
Print – Scan – Email and E-transfer to email address: vegreville@KidSport.ab.ca


Deadline for entry
June 7th/19
Draw dates:
June 12-14, 2019
Team captains will be contacted by email
*Must be legal drinking age

AGLC Raffle #529585