2017 KidSport Sports Day

St. Benedict School

presented by: 

Gord Bamford Foundation

To register your school for KidSport Sports Day 2017:

Click Here

Why should your school include KidSport into your Sports Day?
The planning is taken care of!

Once you register your school, you will receive:
- An activity guide with up to 20 activities, with set up, equipment needed and modifications available
- An editable power point presentation for your pre-Sports Day assembly to get the kids excited
- A KidSport Application Form for our Fee Assistance Program
- A one-pager on fundraising options (not mandatory)
- A note with information about KidSport that can go in your schools newsletter to the parents

Why does KidSport want to be a part of your schools Sports Day? I'm glad you asked!
KidSport is a local nonprofit organization that supports sport registration fees for kids that come from vulnerable families. With a goal to spread awareness on how we can help vulnerable  youth access sport, and by being infront of kids, parents and teachers; we are doing just that! 

The Gord Bamford Foundation believes in supporting kids and communities across Canada and by partnering up with KidSport, they are doing just that! Check them out; http://gordbamfordfoundation.com/ 

Feedback, questions, thoughts? Great! Email sportsday@kidsport.ab.ca and Dayna will gladly help you out!

“It was awesome to participate in KidSport day. It really helped to amp up our Track and  Field day. Thanks!”
Verna  Sand, Sacred Heart School