2018 KidSport Sports Day

Every year, the Gord Bamford Foundation partners with your local KidSport chapter to present KidSport Sports Day. This event is designed to assist teachers, community members, and organizers of the traditional school fun day or track and field event usually held at the end of the school year. By participating in KidSport Sports Day, your school will receive an organization kit, which provides all the tools and resources your school will need to host a successful and fun sports day!

What’s in the organization kit?

  • Sample Sports Day schedule
  • A take home informational page to send home to parents
  • One-pager on fundraising options, should your school choose to add a charitable component
  • Comprehensive list of activities to use for your sports day - including instructions, modifications for all activities, optional scoring instructions, and materials required
  • Editable Powerpoint for use at pre-Sports Day assemblies/ in classes

The organization kit is free, thanks to the Gord Bamford Foundation. The only thing we ask is that you share some photos or testimonials to let us know how your day goes!

What will you need to provide for sports day?

  • Materials required for the activities you have chosen to include in your sports day
  • Volunteers/ Staff - we recommend at least one adult per activity station

KidSport Sports Day can complement your school’s existing sports day/ track and field day programming, or can be used instead of planning the full day yourself - it's up to you! The whole point is to introduce students to a wide variety of activities, and have a great day!

Why are we doing this?
KidSport and the Gord Bamford Foundation share a vision of a world where no kid is left on the sidelines and all have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. Unfortunately ⅓ families struggle with the costs of their kids’ sports programs. KidSport provides grants to these families to assist with sports registration fees. The Gord Bamford Foundation is dedicated to the support of charities and initiatives that include or involve music, education, health care, sports, and multi-use facilities that benefit youth across Canada.

Sign up for KidSport Sports Day! Link here: https://goo.gl/forms/wRw2cjJbnux6i6av2

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