We are grateful to all donors for your support!  

Extra heartfelt thanks to those who have made donations in honour of those they have lost and loved.  We'd like to honour Carter Corrigan this month for the impact he continues to have on many lives in our community.  Thank you to family and friends for your generosity and for providing this information about Carter for us to share:

Carter Corrigan was a loved  son, brother, boyfriend, friend and teammate.

Carter was a third year chemical engineering student at University of Alberta  when his life was tragically cut short at the young age of nineteen in a motor vehicle accident Dec. 20, 2014.

Carter Corrigan was fortunate enough to be  involved in sport since the age of 3.  He participated in soccer,  hockey, lacrosse , tennis, golf, curling, badminton, rugby, basketball, football and dodgeball!  Any sport he had time for, Carter wanted to play. Carter believed that his involvement in sports played an important part  in the leader that he became.  He learned to goal set, be respectful, responsible and positive  through sport, and working with his coaches and his teammates. When writing about the importance of teamwork, Carter said "the obstacles that people face are substantially easier to overcome with the support of others". Carter loved to compete but, most importantly, loved to play while laughing and having fun.  He shared in his teammates victories as much as his own, and loved to coach or offer advice to anyone who wanted it. He believed that leaders do not strive for individual success , but for the success of others.

Carter would be very happy that donations are being made in his memory to assist kids in sport! As a family, we are very appreciative of all of the support, helping to keep Carters legacy alive through Kidsport.  A heartfelt thank you from Carters family,  Brent, Kim , Alandra and Marley.

Carter was more than an incredible athlete. He was a role model, a leader and a legend.  He loved his family and friends  deeply , and he always made sure to tell them.  Carter 's impact will never fade, he will continue to live in the hearts of his family and friends forever. - Pauline Ovenden-Kamkai(fellow student, friend at U of A)

Carter was a rarity. It's not often you come across such a genuine person who left a lasting impression with so many people .  His charismatic personality made him a leader amongst his friends, teammates and classmates.. Whether he was cracking a joke that caused the whole room to laugh, scoring the winning goal, or acing his exam, Carter excelled at everything he did.  His potential was limitless, much like his character.  The Blackie community will never forget the friendship and humility Carter shared with all of us.  - Harley Groeneveld  (teammate/friend)