We're excited to announce that we will be hosting... The 1st Annual Jason Gregor Pizza Pigout!

Pizza lovers unite! This is an event to indulge to your heart's content in delicious 'zza from the finest pizzerias in the city. Take one bite or PIGOUT - this event will support yours truly, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it!! A portion of funds raised will go to KidSport St. Albert as a thank you to Jason Gregor's 2019 Pizza Pigout Organizing Committee - The Canadian Progress Club - St. Albert Chapter

Pencil us in for October 2019... since pizza is for everyone the date for the event is TBD until the Edmonton Eskimos and Edmonton Oilers post their schedules, that way we can extend the invite to them, too. We know, we know... we're just as excited to learn more about how we are going to #carboutforacause (get it trending) as you are, so in the meantime, check out The Eric Francis Pizza Pigout and The Jon Montgomery Pizza Pigout

Partnership opportunities and event details to come-