June 21st, 2018


Grey Cup Champ, KidSport Ambassador and Edmonton Eskimo’s Long Snapper Ryan King
is giving an experience of a lifetime to vulnerable Edmontonian kids


(Edmonton, AB) - The one-and-only, man himself, Mr. Ryan King #53 has partnered up with KidSport Edmonton. For every home game that the Edmonton Eskimo’s play, 4 KidSport kids are invited to join an experience of a lifetime! King is a strong believer in the power of sport and the impact that it can have on an impressionable child’s life.   

“Sport has always been there to help guide me through the game of life. Going to Edmonton Eskimo games as a child was something I looked forward to every week. Seeing these athletes on the field planted the seed in my head of playing for my hometown, The Edmonton Eskimos.” - Ryan King #53 

The King family have been big supporters of KidSport Edmonton for years while providing sponsorship for events, buying tickets to attend events and providing coaching along the way to help drive more fund development for the small, local, non-profit organization. With philanthropy running through the King family, it was a natural fit for Ryan to partner with KidSport and create access for KidSport kids to not only attend an Edmonton Eskimo’s game but provide them with an experience of a lifetime and if that’s not enough, each kid will receive free football for the summer, to boot! 

“Not only did those games plant a seed for King’s future in sport and developed a strong passion behind his drive to get there, but it shaped who he is as a person. A man with a huge heart, a natural hard worker with genuine excitement to be a team player. KidSport couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with King on this game-changing experience for KidSport kids today, tomorrow and 25 years down the road.” – Dayna Hyman, Executive Director with KidSport Edmonton.

The purpose of Kings Kids is to introduce KidSport kids who unfortunately live in vulnerable situations to the game of football, grow the game of football, and to create an impactful experience for KidSport kids. This also provides KidSport with an awareness piece within the Community, sharing the story about who KidSport is and how KidSport helps kids in our community access sport. As the man himself has said, “Sport is a basic childhood experience that every kid should have the opportunity to experience, no matter what the socioeconomic status of their family is.” – King 

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About KidSport:
KidSport has been in the game since ’95 as a local non-profit organization, making the assist to fund sport registration fees for kids who otherwise would be left sitting on the sidelines due to the financial barriers that their families face. KidSport believes in the power that sport can have on a vulnerable kids’ life and believes in breaking down the financial barriers that many families face. KidSport provides a Sport Registration Fee Assistance Program for vulnerable families within Edmonton, based on a qualifying application process. 

“We are a single income family of 8. KidSport has made it possible for all of our kids to participate in sports that we couldn’t have afforded. The grant we received allowed our son to train with local professional athletes this past winter. The training helped him become a starter this entire past CDMFA Midget season as a rookie (playing against boys 3 years older), he represented Edmonton this summer as a member of the zone 6 team, and then become a captain/leader at the high school level as a grade 10 student. KidSport has made a huge impact on his life and our families.” – A proud KidSport mother  

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