KidSport Edmonton’s Nominations Committee is seeking "Expressions of Interest" from individuals who are interested in serving as a volunteer Director with KidSport Edmonton. KidSport Edmonton is currently seeking individuals who firmly support our cause and values behind the KidSport program and want to help local kids enjoy the opportunity to participate in organized sport. Please submit your information by April 30th to Dayna Hyman if you are interested in pursuing this excellent volunteer opportunity. KidSport Edmonton thanks all interested applicants. Only those selected to move forward for an interview will be contacted.

KidSport is a local non-profit organization that has been in the game since 1995, proudly making the assist to get kids off the sidelines and into the game through our ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’ Grant Program. This in turn helps provide youth with the opportunity to gain the positive benefits that are received through participation in organized sport - creating opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have.

The Grant Program is based off a qualifying application process for boys and girls, aged 18 and under who live and play in Edmonton. Once qualified, each kid receives up to $250 to put towards their registration fees for sport. 

KidSport believes that sport participation plays a valuable role in our community by:
Increasing the participation of children in sport
Supporting preventative health, particularly in a high-risk segment of the population
Teaching valuable lessons to children, including team work, dedication and cooperation
Providing mentorship and guidance from coaches
Providing a chance for children to make friends in the community and be part of their community

 Your role on the Board would include:

  • Ability to perform committee work outside of Board meetings on a regular and ad-hoc basis
  • Recruitment - finding the right people and empowering them in their roles
  • Supporting the committees in setting priorities and delivering on goals
  • Continued governance, staff support, staff oversight and organizational priority setting
  • Setting the course, strategic planning, financial planning for KSE's current and future
    • Commitment to serve on the Board for 2 years
    • Set your own time for tasks to be carried out, 2-4 hours a month
    • Attendance at a minimum of 80% of Board meetings annually and no more than 3 consecutive missed meetings
    • 10 meetings a year, third Tuesday of every month from 6pm-730pm, excluding August and December
    • 80% of the meeting is focused on strategy, 20% focused on admin
    • Attendance at our annual fundraising event
    • Review all materials sent out by ED prior to meeting

Ideal candidate(s) will:
Be a respected (distinguished) Edmontonian (community leader) who maintains a positive public profile, while supporting and advocating the mission, values and objectives of KidSport.
Be a person available to KidSport Edmonton staff and volunteers for: consultation, assistance, attendance at pre-established events, other roles as mutually agreed upon.
Advance the goals and growth of KidSport Edmonton.  

Decision Making:
It is important that Board Members have the ability to listen and consider differing viewpoints as they work toward consensus decisions.
Every effort will be made to reach a consensus (a decision all can live with) when making decisions.
Should there be an impasse on any significant issues a vote will be taken and whatever decision is made will be final and unanimously supported. 

Code of Conduct:
Directors have an obligation not only to abide by the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures, but also to act in a manner that evidences their commitment to the principles and intent of the By-Laws and Policies and Procedures.
All Directors should expect to be treated equitably and fairly in all matters.  Members shall not discriminate against other members by means of different, unequal or inconsistent treatment applied to individuals or segments of the members.
Private interests shall not provide the potential for or the appearance of an opportunity for benefit, wrongdoing or unethical conduct.  It is important to emphasize that conflict of interest relates to the potential for wrongdoing as well as to actual or intended wrongdoing.
Information or data entrusted to members for use in their capacity or positions shall not be disclosed or disseminated in a manner that may betray a trust or confidence.

General Information:
Term of office, unless terminated early, is normally two years. Directors may be re-elected.
Board meetings are currently held from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. Presently meetings are held on every third Tuesday of the month at Saville Community Sports Centre.
Interested parties are encouraged to review the Bylaws (sent by request)

Expressions of Interest:
Expressions of interest should be submitted by April 30th at 4pm and it may include, but is not limited to, identification of relevant education, certifications, and related experience. A one page expression of interest should be directed by email to along with a completed skills matrix, and a resume if desired.

Requests for additional information and inquiries should be directed to the Executive Director, Dayna Hyman. 

Thank you, 

Dayna Hyman - Executive Director - KidSport Edmonton
P: 780-492-0095